Mechanical Engineering Department

In the present day context, all aspects of mechanical engineering has vividly improved its very broad outlook, with things new and improved technical material, that we come across in daily life. These enormous developments demand an infrastructure for efficient economical maintenance of these assets, and hence our department takes a plunge into this side of
the trade.

With an orientation to strengthen the good, efficient maintenance aspects and basic design skill necessary to back up this task, theoretical and practical knowledge is given in abundance. The knowledge imparted is quite sufficient to design and handle mini projects in self-employment or in work of the public sector. This comprehensive Programme runs for four years both at IET and in Industry.

There are three sections under Mechanical Department. Such as

Mechanical Department is one of major department in this institute. This department undertake subjects for three specializations for NDES programme such as General, Automotive and Marine Engineering. There are five laboratories namely

    • Applied
    • Thermodynamics
    • Automobile
    • Mechatronics
    • Main Workshop

under Mechanical Department.

Department of Mechanical Engineering offers,

Old syllabus

  • Mechanical Engineering (General)
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Marine Engineering

New syllabus

Mechanical Engineering

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Building Services Engineering
  • Mechanical (Production) Engineering
  • Marine Engineering