IET logo is the official graphic symbol for Institute of Engineering Technology.


  1. Use only officially prepared logos that are available from IET website. Download high resolution and vector IET logo formats from download links
  2. The logo should appear in one color only with one color background. If possible, use brown (#660000) with white background. If not, use the strongest color available for logo.
  3. Do not use different colors for the different elements of the logo
  4. The overall proportion of the logo should always be maintained. The logo should not be compressed or expanded.
  5. The logo should always be legible. The logo may overprint a solid background, but it should not appear over type, images, or vivid gradient backgrounds. It should not be used as a decorative background element.
  6. The full logo should always be shown. The logo should never be cropped for used as a design element.
  7. When the logo using as design element, it should appear full logo, do not distract logo front with other design elements, do not skew, streach logo