Open University of Sri Lanka

NDES is the most exemption holder among the all national diplomas. It provides the direct entry for advanced diploma level. Open University provided path for move to NDES students as bachelors within two years.


IESL has informed, NDES diplomats could for IESL part II and recommended some exemption.


SLIDA accept for their MBA program with relevant experience.

University of Wayamba

University of Wayamba accepts for their MBA program with relevant exemption


ICFAI University – India

ICFAI University India has informed us that the course duration of NDES being 4 years has occurred equivalence to 3 years degree course. The students who have successfully completed NDES are eligible to register for 2 years MBA (Master of Business Administration) and MS-HRM (Master Science of Human Resource Management) programs.

Sikkim Manipal University – India

Sikkim Manipal University India, one of the leading university in India (recognized commonwealth universities in more than 60 countries) has informed us to the students who have successfully completed NDES are eligible to register for 2 years,
  • MSc –TT (Master Science of Telecommunication Technology)
  • MSc – IT (Master Science of Information Technology)
  • MBA – IT (Master of Business Administration – Information Technology)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration) Programs

Hertfordshire University – East London UK

This is the largest university in England and they’ve agreed to register NDES holders for the final year for their degree program. Only Mechanical and Electrical NDES holders are considered. Special rates will be applied on their university fee for NDES qualification

Other Universities

Some of universities are accepted for final years directly in Australia, Canada and UK.


Local Private Sector

Accept top level, Middle Level Engineering and Managerial positions.( for role of incorporated engineer)

Local Public Sector

SLTS class 2B (Sri Lanka Technological Services) or Supervisory Managerial grades

Foreign Employments

Most of the foreign companies are accept as junior engineers and Ministry of shipping offer CDC junior engineers.