Eng. D.R.Saputhantiri
Director Principal
Direct dial: (+94) 11 2 252 831


National Diploma in Engineering Sciences (NDES) conducted by the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) Katunayake, Sri Lanka is aimed at the middle level management positions in the industry. I am proud to state here that the NDES has been able to consolidate its recognition both locally and internationally.

During the last 21 years of in service, a thousands of young diplomats have passed out achieving their targets successfully gaining theoretical knowledge and practical skills within the institute and in-plant training in the industry as a result of four year diploma course which principally designed and based on dual system of training.

The main characteristic of the students of NDES is the positive attitudes towards any circumstances, comparing to diplomats qualifying from other institutions. This has been advantageous for the NDES diplomats to get more opportunities in private and public sector.

The introduction of IET official web site (www.iet.edu.lk) would be the foundation for its new era. The facilities and enhanced features available in Information Technology would give the IET to a very good opportunity to reach to the modern world of Information Technology.

At this important day, I sincerely thank the staff of IET for their untiring and dedicated service, the training establishments and the trainers, who continue to provide necessary training facilities to the apprentices also deserve our sincere thanks.
The next step would be the introduction of on-line studies for on going training programmes. I am sure, this feature would help our students and staff to enhance our capabilities and capacities in training. Same time this would help us to move beyond our boundaries and to reach to the international community.

At this junction I would like to request our students, passed outs and well-wishers to visit our website and forward your comments for the improvement of its features, facilities, etc.

Finally I wish IET and its staff and students a prosperous future.